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Target Corporation has remained a top performer chain retail store in America since its establishment in the wake of the twenty-first century. The company brand continues to inspire generations with limitless products and services. The firm also enjoys a good grip on its international market for its highly discounted rates. Who is the current owner of Target?

Who is the current owner of Target?

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Target is undoubtedly the second most prominent American casual clothing dealership. The executive body at Target Corporation plays a central role in the management and sustenance of the company. These officials continue to thread on the path of the company founders who envisioned it as a leader brand. Similarly, Target shareholders have expressed their confidence in the business and its current business operations.

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When was Target founded?

The company story stretches back to 1902 when George Dayton, a Minneapolis based entrepreneur incorporated Goodfellow Dry Goods company. The firm has since seen multiple mergers and rebranding. It was until recently in 2000 that the company changed its name to Target Corporation.

How long has Target been in business? The firm has stood a rough test of time spanning to 117 years and is now a top performer with overarching presence in all the 50 states across the US and beyond.

Who is the current owner of Target?

Many people admire this firm for its greater focus on younger shoppers who are also imaging conscious. However, not as many know much about the company story concerning ownership and operations in fashion and retail.

So, who is the current owner of Target? George Draper Dayton, the Target founder, remains an icon and the parent owner at the company. Brian C. Cornell is now the chair and chief executive officer at the company while John Mulligan serves as the Executive Vice President and COO. Ownership at Target has remained critical amid mergers and expansions.

Who is the current owner of Target?

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Is Target owned by a French company?

Many people have asked if Target Corporation is a French-owned and operated company despite its far-reaching popularity in different states and regions. It is for a fact that the company is publicly held United States firm that trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Target headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota and its founder George Draper Dayton was an American.

Does Target own Marshalls?

The firm has acquired several brands enabling it to harness exceeding. Marshall Fields is among the key departmental store chain firms acquired by Target in 1990. The company had earlier acquired Mervyn’s department stores in 1978.

The 2000 rebranding strategy was primarily an expression of dominance in the market. It also served as an opportunity of renaming all Dayton-Hudson stores (Target parent company) to Marshall Fields which were later sold in 2004.

Does Target own Walmart?

Target Corporation, Kmart, and Walmart are three affluent American companies in a constant struggle to dominate the market. Target prides itself for attracting more affluent customers, an indication that the two giant companies are market rivals as opposed to joint operators. It offers higher upscale brands and quality merchandise, making it an all-time market leader.

Are Target and Macy’s owned by the same company?

Macy’s, Inc. is a holding company formerly called Federated Department Stores, Inc. Macy’s and Target are two distinctly owned businesses running on a competitive basis across the US and other lucrative international markets.

Target Corporation owns:

  • Shipt
  • Grand Junction
  • Roundel and
  • DermStore

What are Target owned brands?

The company is a general merchandise brand having several brands;

1. Target exclusive brands

The company has partnered with other firms and designers to provide the following, which can only be found at the stores owned by the firm.

  • C9 by Champion
  • California Roots
  • Just One You made by carter’s
  • Defy & Inspire
  • Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel
  • Kid Made Modern
  • Fieldcrest
  • Kristin Ess
  • Genuine Kids from OshKosh
  • Wine Cube
  • Hand Made Modern
  • Who What Wear

2. Target owned brands

These are private labels and are 40+ in total. They include:

  1. Archer Farms Market Pantry
  2. A New Day
  3. Sutton & Dodge
  4. Original Use
  5. Project 62
  6. Auden
  7. Prologue
  8. Smartly
  9. Simply Balanced
  10. Cloud Island
  11. Cat & Jack
  12. Art Class
  13. Pillowfort
  14. More Than Magic
  15. Xhilaration
  16. Opalhouse
  17. Shade & Shore
  18. Boots & Barkley
  19. Room Essentials
  20. Kona Sol
  21. Universal Thread
  22. up & up
  23. Made By Design
  24. Wild Fable
  25. Market Pantry
  26. Wondershop
  27. Threshold
  28. Stars Above
  29. Heyday
  30. JoyLab
  31. Sun Squad
  32. Hyde & EEK! Boutique
  33. Sutton & Dodge
  34. Smith & Hawken
  35. Everspring
  36. Sonia Kashuk
  37. Goodfellow & Co
  38. Spritz
  39. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia
  40. Colsie
  41. Ava & Viv

Facts about Target

The company continues to register robust growth in its routine operations. Some of the notable milestones marked as of 2017 include 160 owned buildings on leased land, 1, 535 owned stores, and 107 leased stores. As of 2018, the company had made $75.4 billion in total revenue. To date, the firm has 40 distribution centres, 20 office locations around the world and 1,862 stores across the US. Interestingly, 5% of Target’s profits go back to the community.

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Who is the current owner of Target? The question sparks unending concerns as to who presides over this unrivalled brand company. George Draper Dayton is the owner and brains behind the founding and long-term success enjoyed by Target. The able leadership at the firm is one of the strengths that has resulted in making the company a leading brand in a highly competitive market.

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