Six easy steps to becoming a fashion trendsetter

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Being fashion forward is almost like a fulltime job. Don’t even get me started with the cost of securing a limited piece.

To be a trendsetter, you need to be in the know at all times and capable of hunting down outfits that have the ‘it’ factor.

Although it seems like a demanding task, it doesn’t always have to be complicated. To prove it, here are some great tips that will get you jaw dropping reviews from the fashion crowd.

1. Confidence is key

Confidence and trendsetting go hand in hand. It requires you to be bold, courageous and fierce when it comes to pulling off some of these epic styles that very few can. With this, you’ll be able to delve outside your comfort zone and explore different fashion territories. Once you have the confidence, you’ll inspire others to take the same bold steps and follow your example.

2. Have a personal style

Echoing the words of legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent, fashions fade, style is eternal. True to this, your personal style reflects your personality and it will be one of the things people will remember you by. For this reason, you need to be memorable. This means mixing and matching to create an authentic style away from what the mainstream fashion has to offer.

3. Be observant

This is a crucial step in being fashion forward. You should be able to spot what people like and what celebrities are wearing. Being observant will help you catch trends before they burst into the fashion scene and build your status as a trendsetter. The headstart will also give you time to add your own twist to these trends before they become too popular.

4. Be tech savvy

In order to be an outstanding trendsetter, the internet has to be your friend. The web creates a great platform for you to see what is happening in the world as far as fashion is concerned. You will be able to connect to others through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and other applications that revolve around fashion. You will get to see trending hashtags and get some style inspo. And using the very same platforms you can be able to put your profile out there and create a successful fashion brand.

5. Think outside the box

If you don’t know, great sources of style inspiration can come from the most unusual places. Inspiration can come from music, nature, etc., that is anything that sparks your creativity. The most iconic creators in fashion also rely on their personal creativity in order to push their limits. You should therefore learn to be open-minded as fashion and style are also a type of art.

6. Set your own rules

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Part of being a trendsetter is making your own rules when it comes to fashion. It should be fun and not taken too seriously. Taking risks is seen as a bold move. Aspects such as, mixing patterns and combining different eras of fashion are considered risky for most people. When you let your guard down however, you start to explore different styles and spark curiosity. Pushing the limits in itself will debunk many fashion myths and rules that have existed over time and you my dear will be the authority on all matters trends.

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