Mafisi hoyee! Here are some easy steps for talking to a girl you like

love dating

It’s a struggle that is sure to just get worse before it gets better. But there are a lot of great conversationalists out there that offer some advice on how to talk to a girl.

Of course, we aren’t just talking about any girl, although, practice makes perfect, we’re talking about talking to a girl you are attracted to.

We get that talking to a pretty girl makes you nervous, but with some good old-fashioned advice and seizing the opportunity when it arises, you can not only strike up a conversation, you can learn a lot in the process as well.

love datingHere’s how you can boost your confidence when talking to girls with these simple steps.

Not only will they help in talking to girls but you’ll also be able to talk to anyone with these tips.

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Just do it

Yes, of course, you are going to feel hesitation. Talking to girls is scary.

So just acknowledge the fact that your hands might be sweaty and your knees might be knocking and do it anyway. You’ll only get better at it if you do it, so get talking.

love datingExpress yourself clearly

Beating around the bush is child’s play, so just be a man and ask her for a date.

Tell her you to want to see her and ask her if she wants to go to a movie, dinner, – whatever it is you can afford to do or want to do with her.

Ask her.

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Stay open-minded

Sure, the sting of rejection is very real, but so is the answer you get from it.

If you never ask, you’ll never know. And isn’t knowing the answer, however bad, better than wondering for any length of time about whether or not she’s into you?

Reaffirm your plans

Don’t just send her text messages to stay top of mind, send her messages with the intention of solidifying your plans so that she is getting excited about hanging out with you.

Set the time and place and don’t forget to send her a note saying you are on your way when you are heading out for the evening to pick her up.

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