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Joy for US Couple as They Reunite with Adopted Kenyan Boy Taken Away in April


An American couple has reunited with their 3-year-old adopted Kenyan child who had been taken away from them by government authorities in April this year.

Plain-clothed police officers are said to have taken away the boy after storming the house of Matt and Daisy Mazzoncini, an American couple that lives in Kenya.

The couple said the officers did not give a proper explanation as to why they were taking away the boy named John Kiano. 

“I had just finished putting Kiano to bed and he had just fallen asleep and I walked out of his room and saw Matt’s face and all these people and I just knew something was really wrong,” Daisy told CNN in May.

Kiano was found as a newborn abandoned together with another baby believed to be his twin. The second baby died later.

Baby Kiano was taken to Mogra Children’s Home in Kiambu after receiving treatment. It is while working at the orphanage as a volunteer in 2016 that Daisy met the infant and began paying for his medical bills.

The minor was suffering from pneumonia and a chest deformity at the time but was in 2018 diagnosed with atypical febrile seizures.

In April 2017, a Nairobi court named Daisy and her husband Matt as Kiano’s legal guardians. In May, the couple said officers who took the child claimed the court guardianship order was fraudulent.

After the baby was taken away, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in a tweet said its officers had “rescued” Kiano from American citizens; Mathew Mazzoncini and Daisy Mazzoncini. 

They claimed the two were planning to travel with the baby back to the US but the Mazzoncinis denied the claims.

On Wednesday, Kiano was handed back to the couple after a meeting held at Child Welfare Society of Kenya offices.

The American couple declined to address the media after getting back the baby, according to Nairobi News.